Worst Online Customer Service Practices

More than a call center - customer agents should be trained to treat customers rightHaving excellent customer service is a crucial part-and-parcel of any business. Customer service is now more relevant than ever, with current and potential customers finding it easier to contact companies through social media. Therefore, companies now have to invest time and resources in training staff and improve the customer service experience.

For sure, no business would want to receive a negative review because of its lousy customer service. Any company would want to be remembered not only because of its excellent products and services but also because of its efficient customer service. It is then essential for companies to make sure they’ve got it covered with building rapport with customers.

Having excellent customer service is a goal to achieve for all companies. Some characteristics that differentiate “excellent” and “good” customer service include the following: timely responses that are within a 24-hour period, friendly yet professional interaction with customers, and fast action to problems. These characteristics sound simple, right? However, it may surprise you that many businesses do not get to apply these to their operations.

The problem that many businesses have is with operations, especially if they have acquired Buffalo search engine optimization services. Although it is easy to put these rules on paper, they are not that easy to implement. One reason is that, in the customer service industry, there is usually a high turnover of employees. Make sure that when you hire customer service agents, you train and treat them well. You don’t want to waste the resources that you invest in training if your staff is just going to leave.

Now that we have discussed the traits of excellent customer service, here are some of the worst practices that you must avoid at all costs. You don’t want to lose customers just because of overlooking the importance of high-quality customer service:

Bad practice 1: The agent keeps on transferring calls

One of the most annoying things that customers hate is when they get transferred to other agents. What you must do is to lessen the layers that clients have to go through when contacting your company. If anything, you must train your staff to handle all types of queries, so they don’t have to keep on transferring clients. Training is critical here, so invest in hiring a professional trainer who can inspire confidence in your staff. Your ultimate aim must be for the client to have his/her problem solved on his/her first call.

Bad practice 2: The agent gets impatient easily

The hiring process is crucial when recruiting staff for customer service. So, you must make sure that the agents you hire are customer-oriented and can keep their cool for a long time. No customer would want to deal with an impatient agent.

You can easily sift through the applicants during the recruitment process. Invest time when hiring customer service agents. You may even have to consult professional recruiters to do this task for you. They are well-trained to check if the person is a proper fit for what you are looking for.

These are some of the worst customer service practices that you must avoid at all costs. You may have the best products and services; however, if you fail with your customer service, all these efforts are put to waste.