Worldwide Circus Summit Committees

Executive Committee

Gary Payne – Founder WCS 2015 (CFA President)
Wayne McCary – Co-Chair WCS 2015
Bruce Hawley – Co-Chair WCS 2015
Ken Sopelak – Eastern States Exposition & Storrowton Tavern Liaison
Joe Barney – Entertainment Director
Brian Liddicoat – Facilities, Logistics & Staging Director
Jane Kycia – Hospitality Director
Lane Talburt – Jackpot Junction, Film Festival & Circus Photos Director
Rodney Huey – Media Relations & Publicity Co-Director
Tim O’Brien – Media Relations & Publicity Co-Director
Donald Covington – Program Director and Inter-Organizational Liaison (CFA Past-President)
Julie Kycia – Registrar & Bursar


Pete Adams – CFA Auction Co-Coordinator (CFA Past-President)
Barbara Moore – CFA Auction Co-Coordinator
Joyce Rucci – CFA Auction Assistant
Joanne Rucci – CFA Auction Assistant
John Polacsek – CHS Auction Coordinator (CHS Past President)

Banquets & Receptions

Amy Cohen – AYCO Youth Reception
Jane Kycia – CFA Banquet and Opening Reception Coordinator
Alan Campbell – CHS Banquet Coordinator
Bob Yorburg – COAA Banquet Coordinator
Connie Thomas – WJU Banquet Coordinator

Eastern States Exposition (ESE), Storrowton Tavern and ESE Circus Museum

Greg Chiecko – VP and Director of Sales ESE
Don Calvanese – Manager, Storrowton Tavern
Brooke Evans – ESE Circus Museum Guide

Ecumenical Service

Fr. Jerry Hogan – Ecumenical Worship Service Coordinator
Fr. Dick Notter (CFA Chaplain)


Joe Barney – Entertainment Director
Frank Panzer – Actor portraying P.T. Barnum
Bob Yorburg – Carousel Organ Demonstration Coordinator
Connie Thomas – Circus Band Concert Producer & Windjammers (Immediate Past President)
Lane Talburt – Circus Smirkus Liaison
Sara Wonderle – Circus Smirkus Group Ticket Sales
Pat Cashin – Clown Coordinator
Wayne McCary – Cole Bros. Circus Liaison
Lisa Dufresne – Horses, Horses, Horses! Show Producer
Joe Barney – Master of Ceremonies for Opening Reception and CFA Banquet
Joe Barney – Summit All-Star Circus Producer
Scott Nelson – Summit Side Show Producer
Elmo Gibb – Teeny Weeny Circus Producer
Amy Cohen – Youth Component Coordinator & Showcase Producer (AYCO Executive Director)

Facilities, Logistics and Staging

Brian Liddicoat – Director
Wil Hevey – Lighting Coordinator
Mike Butash – Model Builder & Participating Organization Display Coordinator
Randy Peterson – Sales Room Coordinator
Paula Purdue – Summit Store Coordinator


Jane Kycia – Hospitality Director
Nancy Dulac – Decorations and Goody Bag Coordinator
Art Niccoli – Decorations Assistant
Barbara Pelli – Raffle Basket Coordinator
Leah MacPherson – Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau Hospitality & Sales Coordinator

Jackpot Junction, Film Festival and Circus Photos

Lane Talburt – Jackpot Junction, Film Festival and Circus Photos Director
Wil Hevey – Circus Film Festival Projectionist
Gary Cooper – Circus Photos Presentation Coordinator
Steve Gossard – Jackpot Junction Coordinator


Barbara Pelli – RV Campground Coordinator
Gary Payne – Hotel Coordinator

Media Relations and Publicity

Rodney Huey – Co-Director of Media Relations and Publicity
Tim O’Brien – Co-Director Media Relations and Publicity
Wayne McCary – Local Media spokesperson
Charmaine Liddicoat – Media Interview Booth and Author Signing Table Coordinator
Jennifer Goodwin – Summit Logo Designer
Cindy Pagel – Summit Website

Melha Shrine Temple

Al Zippin – Shrine Volunteer Coordinator


Julie Kycia– Registrar and Bursar
Julie Kycia – Registration Desk Coordinator


Don Covington – Director of Seminar Programming (CFA Past-President)
Deborah Walk – Circus Yesterday Seminar Series Coordinator (CHS President)
Peggy Williams – Circus Today Seminar Series Coordinator
Amy Cohen – Circus Tomorrow Seminar Series Coordinator (Executive Director AYCO)

Souvenir Program and Summit Daily Newsletter

Brian Liddicoat – Summit Program Publisher
Barbara Moore – Souvenir Program Advertising Sales Coordinator
Jaquan Fields – Summit Program Cover Design
Don Covington – Souvenir Program Co-Editor
Lane Talburt – Souvenir Program Co-Editor
Renee Phinney – Souvenir Program Layout (Spotlight Graphics)
Ron Morris – Souvenir Program Printing (Spotlight Graphics)
Bill Biggerstaff – Summit Daily News Editor (Circus Report)
Jan Biggerstaff –Summit Daily News Publisher & Printing (Circus Report) (CFA Vice President)
Peter Wagner – CFA “take one” Flyer Printing (CFA Immediate Past President)


Ken and Jan Sopelak – Directors of Transportation
Sara Gordon – Hotel Shuttle Coordinator
Doug Cole – On-site Shuttle coordinator

On-site Volunteers

Please check the Summit Daily News for the names of additional people who volunteered on-site to help with the Summit.

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