Materials That Are Forever Termite and Bedbug-Free

Termites and bedbugs continue to be two of the most common pests that invade homes. They are not only prevalent in tropical countries, but in temperate regions, as well. Why are there more termites and bedbugs these days? The reason is attributed to an increase in materials that attract termites and bedbugs, and that include fabrics made of cotton, polyester, and ecru and furniture made of untreated or poor-quality wood. Since people these days go for what is cheaper, there is a move towards purchasing cotton fabrics than silk ones, and “soft” wood like Palo China than hardwood like mahogany.

Getting rid of bed bugs need huge cleaning effortsIn reality, the only fool-proof way to get rid of all termites and bedbugs is not to have materials that attract them in the first place. But that can be difficult, with most of your furniture made of cheap or mixed material wood. It is not an easy decision to merely switch to silk or to switch to mahogany. It is going to be highly expensive, given that almost 90% of what you have at home is made of these materials. And as you can already tell, materials that shoo away bedbugs and termites are more expensive compared to those who attract them.

How to revamp your home?

When there is a need to change materials in your home since the problem has gotten bigger, you may think there is no other option. But, you can still find alternatives that can help you augment the costs of changing your things. One thing that you can do is to sell everything you have that may be attracting pests, like books, unused stationery, beddings, clothing, and furniture, among others. You can hold a garage sale, or you can sell them online. When you do this, you get to save money to add up to what you will be purchasing in the future.

You can also have your family and friends help you out as you get rid of your old things. Donating some of your stuff to charity shops that would most likely want to have them in their stores. Give away some of your things to your family and friends, but let them choose, so they are not confronted with yet another pile of stuff that they do not want or need in the first place.

What materials should I use, then?

Some materials are, safe to say, forever termite and bedbug-free. But, of course, high quality comes with a high price. These materials include silk (for fabrics), and any hardwood including oak and mahogany among many others (for furniture). It is the reason why old mansions, given their age, don’t get infested with termites. It is because they are made of hardwood from top to bottom that is resistant to termites.

But if you are willing to invest some money into making your place more resistant to termites and bedbugs, then making a switch is a worthy investment to make. But it is going to be costly.

Affordable options

If you are not willing to spend so much on changing your beddings, clothing, and furniture, other affordable options include the following:

1. Get rid of second-hand stuff

It may be fun to be rummaging through old, interesting, and cheap stuff in thrift shops, but they also come with a price. Since many of these things stay in attics, cabinets, or storage houses for long, they tend to accumulate dust and house pests. So, if you find a good sofa, be sure of its safety first. It may look appealing and new, but if you have an NYC bed bug inspection services to assess it, you will quickly realize that it is, in fact, a hotbed for pests.

Bed bugs thrive in used clothes and furnitureIf you have second-hand things around the home, go through them and assess whether they are worth keeping or not. If you see brown droppings or you hear little sounds, these indicate the presence of pests. Get rid of these right away and throw in the bin. Do not give them away to charity as you will only pass on the problem to others.

2. Vacuum regularly

It may come as a surprise that a simple task as vacuuming can do wonders for your pest control at home. It is because pests hate heat, so, vacuuming gets to apply that to areas where you use it. Vacuuming at least once a week is excellent not only for cleaning your home but also of getting rid and controlling the presence of pests in your home.

Switching fabrics and furniture in your home can be costly, but you will see that the dividends of your investment will be worth it. However, if the decision costs too much, you may want to go with alternative options to help you get rid of termites and bedbugs. It will take time, but when you put in a lot of effort, you will see the results in no time.