Common Mistakes Wedding Planners Make

Preparing for a wedding can be challenging. For one, there are so many things to consider including time, resources, preparations, and reservations. Even if you have a wedding planner or a team to assist you, the planning stage can be hectic that can leave you restless for months. If you want to put additional preparations, it can even add more stress to your already stressful schedule. You may come across ideas online and from other events, and so you may have to change your plans yet again.

Blunders the day of the wedding will cause unnecessary stressThere can be a hodgepodge of ideas, and instead of making it easy for you, these differences can confuse you. You must stick to a plan if you don’t want to get confused and if you don’t want to delay your preparations. If you say “Yes” to all ideas, you may even get in trouble and get in conflict with your family and friends.

Planning a wedding can cause a significant headache. But if you avoid the following mistakes, you can avoid all the jitters that weddings can bring. Even professional wedding planners commit errors that are easily avoidable, like forgetting to hire New York City’s Around Town Entertainment for the reception. And since even professional event planners make mistakes, it is understandable as to why you, as the bride, can also commit mistakes when you do the event yourself.

Look out for the following mistakes if you are hunting for a wedding planner to hire. You will not see these errors on the planner’s website and advertising materials. The best way to see these is to attend an event organized by this potential planner.

Here are the most common mistakes wedding planners make:

1. The wedding planner does not give you a budget range

Sure, wedding planning is a business. But if the planner is not giving you an idea of how much you are spending on everything that you want for your event, then you must back out in hiring this planner. A planner should be with you every step of the way during the planning process, so if he/she is unwilling to give you a rough idea of how much the wedding will cost, then the planner is not supporting you at all.

Before you start with the nitty-gritty details, your planner must give you budget options. The usual practice is to provide you with packages from which to choose from. All the inclusions are stated in each package, so you know exactly what you are getting. If you don’t want any of the packages, then you can customize as you please. But also know that a customized package will always end up more expensive than pre-set ones.

A planner should have an idea of how much each add-on costs. If he/she is unsure, then it is a bad sign. You can quickly assess this at your first meeting since cost is the most prominent factor that many couples consider.

Sticking to the wedding budget will cushion against unforeseen expenses2. The wedding planner only wants it his/her way

Remember, this event is your wedding. You must decide as to what you want to do for your wedding, as long as your choice is within your budget. If the wedding planner is making all the decisions for you, then you must be clear with your planner. Although he/she will give you recommendations based on your budget, you must still provide the final decision.

It is easy to see this when you get a first meeting with the planner. If he/she seem to be disinterested in what you say, then it is time to look for another planner.

It can be a challenge to plan for a wedding. The bigger the wedding is, the more expensive it gets. A wedding planner must make the planning process easy for you. However, if your planner does not adequately inform you on the budget range and does not listen to you, then it is time for you to start looking for another planner to partner up with.